Top 5 Math Games for Kids

Are you looking for fun and engaging ways to help your child improve their math skills? Look no further than these top 5 math games for kids! These games are designed to make learning math enjoyable and exciting, so your child will be eager to practice their skills.

1. Math Blaster

Math Blaster is a classic math game that has been around for decades, and for good reason. This game is perfect for kids who are just starting to learn math, as it covers basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The game is set in outer space, and your child will have to solve math problems to help save the galaxy from aliens.

One of the best things about Math Blaster is that it adapts to your child's skill level. As they get better at math, the problems will become more challenging, so they will always be learning something new. Plus, the game is so much fun that your child won't even realize they are practicing math!

2. Prodigy

Prodigy is a game that combines math with adventure and exploration. Your child will create their own character and embark on a journey through a magical world filled with monsters and treasures. Along the way, they will have to solve math problems to defeat the monsters and collect the treasures.

What makes Prodigy so great is that it covers a wide range of math topics, from basic addition and subtraction to more advanced concepts like fractions and geometry. The game also adapts to your child's skill level, so they will always be challenged but never overwhelmed.

3. DragonBox

DragonBox is a game that teaches algebra in a fun and engaging way. Your child will solve puzzles by moving around boxes and symbols, and they will gradually learn the rules of algebra without even realizing it. The game starts off easy, but it quickly becomes more challenging as your child progresses.

What's great about DragonBox is that it breaks down algebra into small, manageable steps. Your child will learn one concept at a time, and they will get plenty of practice before moving on to the next one. By the end of the game, your child will have a solid understanding of algebra and be ready to tackle more advanced math topics.

4. Mathseeds

Mathseeds is a game that is designed specifically for young children, ages 3-9. The game covers basic math concepts like counting, addition, and subtraction, and it does so in a fun and interactive way. Your child will play games, watch videos, and complete activities that will help them develop their math skills.

One of the best things about Mathseeds is that it is aligned with the Common Core State Standards, so you can be sure that your child is learning the math skills they need to succeed in school. The game also tracks your child's progress, so you can see how they are improving over time.

5. Coolmath Games

Coolmath Games is a website that offers a wide variety of math games for kids of all ages. The games cover everything from basic addition and subtraction to more advanced topics like calculus and trigonometry. There are games that are designed for young children, as well as games that are challenging enough for high school students.

What's great about Coolmath Games is that there is something for everyone. Whether your child is just starting to learn math or they are a math whiz, they will find games that are both fun and educational. Plus, the website is free to use, so you can let your child play as many games as they want without worrying about the cost.


Math doesn't have to be boring or intimidating. With these top 5 math games for kids, your child can learn math in a fun and engaging way. Whether they are just starting to learn basic math concepts or they are ready to tackle more advanced topics, there is a game on this list that will help them improve their skills. So why not give one of these games a try and see how much your child can learn while having fun?

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